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Social Travel and Social Travel Apps – What’s it all about?

You may ask yourself what is Social Travel and Social Travel Apps. Social Travel is all about the sharing of information in all aspects of travel. This is done in many different ways. Including websites, blogs, and especially Social Travel Apps. These provide a nice simple collaboration with all the top social media apps. There are lots of new applications or apps popping up. They let you tap into your existing social networks on Twitter and Facebook for travel advice, and to let you communicate with other travelers.

Many of these apps will point you in the direction of cheapest hotel and over night accommodations, destination reviews, hot local spots. They are especially good for shopping and entertainment, and especially all you want to know about food and drinks. 

Social Travel Apps – Travello

Travello provides a Social Travel App that connects a community of travelers so they can post your travel adventure photos, videos & stories on the feed or ask other travelers for tips and advice. The app allows you the opportunity to find close by travelers, restaurants, diners, wineries, breweries, top sites to see.


Social Travel Apps – Everplaces

Everplaces is a very cool Social Travel App that is very similar to Pinterest. You can post your favorite travel pictures and other people can share and like them. It is a great app to find the best places to sleep, eat and play.


Social Travel Apps – Trippy

Trippy is a Social Travel Apps very similar to Pinterest. It is an online service for planning trips that has tie-ins to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is a question and answer travel website for travelers to help each other travel better. Trippy is the place to get the best, most personal and useful answers to your travel questions.


Social Travel Apps – AirBnB

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, online, or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 65,000 cities and 191 countries. Airbnb is one of the easier to use Social Travel Apps.


Check out our own personal review on Airbnb. 

Saving Money… Top Notch Accommodations… AirBB HIGH LIFE LIVING!

Social Travel Apps – Wayn

WAYN is one of the best exciting Social Travel Apps that helps you discover where to go next, make it happen and share your experiences with others. The app gives you the opportunity to find out what to see and do before you head on your travels. The app also helps you make friends with fellow travelers and get recommendations from locals. You can also share your photos and insider tips with the rest of the community.

Social Travel Apps – HelloTel

HelloTel gives the perfect way to discover what’s happening in your hotel and nearby in a niche social environment. Find events at your hotel, meet new people, network with other business travelers. You can also ask the community for reviews on local businesses using their Social Travel Apps.


Social Travel Apps – Trover

Trover is one of my favorite Social Travel Apps. It provides the perfect app to engage in conversations with a vibrant community. Exchange travel stories and tips with travelers just like you. You can also seek advice from those who’ve been where you dream of going.


Social Travel Apps – Steller

Steller is a AMAZING Social Travel App for you to tell your stories, share your photos, videos, and text. It provides some incredible top notch pictures and well written travel stories. 


Social Travel Apps – HeyLets

HeyLets is your window on to the world’s favorite experiences. Join a global community of people sharing the experiences they love and enjoy a personalized feed of food, nightlife, shows, outdoor activities, travel tips and more.


 Check out some of my favorite Social Travel blogs and please share any blogs that you know of and enjoy.



Social Travel Apps – Summary

Here at the Social Travel Experience we enjoy sharing our own travel experiences, our photos, and travel tips we have picked up along the way. We are preparing to travel the world. Furthermore while learning to become advanced “Travel Hackers” and sharing these tips as we go. Every step of this experience will be blogged, and especially vblogged, analyzed and shared.

This is meant to be a person to person, educational journey. Our goal is to build an informative site that provides valuable “Travel Hacking” knowledge, great links and travel sites, personal entertaining travel stories, and an epic list of solid “Must-Haves” travel products. Hopefully you will enjoy experimenting with the Travel Apps we shared today and find one ore two that provide you with the best way to connect and share with other like minded travelers.

Social Travel Apps – Additional Info

If you are interested in reading more about Social Travel and their Apps I recommend this article at U.S. News titled “Apps That Make Travel More Social“. The author Jessica Festa details how social media and smartphone apps have drastically changed the way people travel. She talks about how in this modern digital age of social media it’s all about sharing trip details, seeking help from strangers and interacting as much as possible along the way.

I found the article a good read and very informative. There are several great travel articles written by her and I also enjoy the other content on this web site. I recommend checking out the article.

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