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Top Things to Do in Santorini Island Greece

Top Things to Do in Santorini Island Greece

Greetings! I am very excited to share this post with all of you today about Santorini Island Greece. I will say one of the most memorable places I have visited so far was Greece. Everything thing about this place is fascinating. It reminds me of certain parts of Game Of Thrones. The culture, ancient architecture, deep history, and beautiful scenery. I enjoyed being there and thinking about all the great history lessons I learned in the past. Especially all of the visionary leaders, great artists, poets, architects and ancient Gods and Goddesses. If you visit it today you as well would see some of the best historical landmarks have stood tall throughout centuries. Furthermore they have retained the rich cultural diversity or heritage of Greece. The great places here show how advanced Greek civilization was at one time and there was no match for it.

Santorini Island Greece is home to both natural wonders and thriving city life. People especially go to Greece to view outstanding museums, temples, beautiful beaches, islands and ancient ruins.

Santorini Island Greece A definite Must See

If you visit Greece, you don’t want to miss the Santorini Islands. The islands show you one of the best of European architecture, beaches and nature’s treasures. Whether you want to go there for weddings or holidays, this is a truly mesmerizing and entertaining destination. One thing that just amazed me was how a lot of the houses were built right on top of other houses. Especially the ones that are built on the side of these scaling cliffs. Talk about maximizing beach front property! It is actually kind of crazy. Most noteworthy the beaches are breath taking and beautiful. Most of all with crystal clear blue and green waters. Therefore I guess I can understand why they wanted to get a little bit of that view.

Santorini Island Greece Activities

One activity I highly recommend is experiencing a sunset on the beach of the  Santorini Island. I will never forget watching the sun disappear against the backdrop of rock formations and the brightly-colored houses. Plus another highlight was being able to travel to the island by ferry. This gave an amazing view of the glorious scenery of the Aegean Sea. Truly one of the best parts of the trip.

There were also many different types of facilities available like: hiking, spa resorts, boating trips, water sports, snorkeling, and fishing. Then after a day of physical activities it is nice to experience the wonderful vineyards, breweries, and other events that are always taking place throughout the year. Oh wait… did I mention breweries?!?! Ummm yes! If you follow any of my posts you will see a pattern of my love of beer. So let’s not make this post any different. So let me tell you about the wonderful beer in Greece…

Wineries on Santorini Island Greece

I must say that Santorini Island Greece has some of the best wine I have ever tasted. Maybe it was the vintage or possibly the mixture of that and the amazing atmosphere that made it taste so good. There are several local wineries on the island I highly recommend visiting. My favorite one is named the Artemis Karamolegos Winery.  This winery was started in 1952 by grandfather Artemis Karamolegos. It combines a great respect for Santorini’s winemaking traditions with a modern outlook & investment in new processes. They also invest in wine making equipment. The wine was excellent, however, most of all the atmosphere was truly amazing as well.

The Aroma Avlis Food & Wine restaurant

The Artemis Karamolegos Winery also has fabulous food offerings. The Aroma Avlis Food & Wine restaurant includes Greek and Mediterranean dishes made with fresh local produce. Almost all the vegetables and herbs that they use in their recipes are from their fields which are visible just below the a la carte restaurant. Most of all I recommend checking out the full menu.

Breweries on Santorini Island Greece

Santorini Island does not yet have a lot of breweries as of yet, however the Donkey Santorini Brewing Company which was established in 2011 is making quite a reputation. They currently brew three styles of beer: Yellow, Red & Crazy Donkey. Stop by & see the operations of their microbrewery, You are welcome to see their facility, taste their beers & visit their unique shop.


Here are my top destinations I recommend checking out if you make it to Santorini, Greece:

Fira on the Santorini Island Greece

This is a town where you should spend at least a few days to enjoy as many facilities as you can. The town has restaurants, cafes and balconies on cliffs from where you can enjoy stunning views of the island as well as sunsets. It’s the perfect getaway if you enjoy shopping, dining and moving around for sight-seeing or especially for taking pictures. Donkey rides and ski-lifts are some of the favorite ways to explore the mountain. However if you are feeling especially energetic you can hike up the mountain. Furthermore it would be a hike you would not soon forget. Tourists hike the mountain every day.

Fira Santorini Greece

Fira Santorini Greece

Pyrgos Kallistis on the Santorini Island Greece

Pyrgos Kallistis is a village at the top peak of Santorini Island. Besides watching beautiful views from the top, the place offers ample opportunities to let you make the most out of your trip. If you love medieval history, visit Kasteli Castle, were you would find ruins dating back to the 15th century. It takes a long walk to get to the castle. Moreover, the Profitis Ilias monastery is a treasure house of sculptures, symbolic items and artifacts.

Therasia on the Santorini Island Greece

Therasia is an unexplored region with scenic beauty all around. You can take a boat or ferry to get there and view the historic volcano. The houses and churches are beautifully constructed, therefore showing the true essence of European architecture.

There are other places in Greece that are top favorites among tourists. Especially the Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, monasteries of Meteora, Athens and other islands are definite must see destinations! I hope you enjoyed this post and get the opportunity to enjoy the many things to see and do on Santorini Island, especially the beautiful beaches.

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