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Saving Money… Top Notch Accommodations… AirBB HIGH LIFE LIVING!


Greetings everybody! Today we are going to breakdown how to take advantage of AirBB HIGH LIFE LIVING . As Michelle and I prepare and plan for our Thailand travel excursion we are doing a lot of research on places to stay while on our trip.

There are so many options available today when it comes to planning уоur sleeping accommodations. For instance you can choose a hotel, motel, resort, hostel, bed and breakfast and so on. When you travel to large cities or when there is an event taking place in an area, many hotels want to charge high prices to stay in boring, drab rooms without any of the comforts of home. This is why we are considering an alternative option to using a hotel.

For example here is a lovely full beach front Bungalow on Paradise island in Thailand for $97 a night. Location is exceptional. Ocean view, steps from the water. Close access to local restaurants and entertainment.

Read more about this great vacation opportunity.


Airbnb is one of the best affordable options for many travelers today. Airbnb is a community based marketplace where local people with rooms to rent are linked with travelers looking for comfortable and inexpensive places to stay. Many of the ассоmmоdаtіоnѕ listed аt Aіrbnb аrе from people who own second vacation homes or rooms where the owner is usually away.

The types of accommodations listed suit the needs of travelers with budget tastes as well as those seeking luxury high-rise араrtmеntѕ. Currently there іѕ lіѕtіng fоr an араrtmеnt in New York for $100 a night. Considering that most hotels charge $220 a night or more this could be considered a bargain. There are rooms available in just about every country or city, which is of great benefit to travelers who may be visiting out-of-the way areas where there are not a lot of hotels nearby.


The transaction process to reserve accommodations is done in a secure manner that protects both the host and traveler. Plus if you know anything about Travel Hacking the way you pay for the AirBB may even gain you some sweet travel points. Follow us in future posts to learn more about Travel Hacking. You may want to consider the following benefits to using this service when you make your next travel accommodations:

Rent unique accommodations such as a castle, sailboat or beachfront villa
More amenities available to guests such as access to a full kitchen and/or washer dryer and more
Most rooms are less expensive than what you pay for a regular hotel
Safe transactions between hosts and guests
A rating system that rates the owner as well as the guest
Visitors have access to the owner who is usually knowledgeable about the area nearby


Could you imagine vacationing in some of the most expensive cities in the world or to an island destination in the Caribbean and paying pennies on the dollar to rent a room? This Casita is the perfect romantic getaway for two! Discreetly set to the side of the Hilltop property, the Casita ushers in the seclusion of a lush tropical forest right up to your fingertips with large windows on three walls, and a broad green deck and white railings that seem to fade away into the forest. The best part is it is only $106 a night and it has high rankings with 78 excellent reviews! Read more about this great vacation opportunity.

US Virgin Island AirBB

US Virgin Island AirBB

In addition could you imagine going on vacation and having direct access to someone who knows the ins-and-outs of a city you are visiting and can advise you on what to see and do? Furthermore could you imagine traveling to a place and having access to a kitchen so that you don’t have the expense of eating out for all of your meals?
If you can imagine all that then you may want visit the Airbnb website and a see a list of accommodations for yourself.

This is going to be a blast! We will be sure to take plenty of pictures and vblogs to share with you.

If you have any comments or experiences in renting a AirBB please share. If you would like to post your pics and vlogs to our site click here and let us know.

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