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The Thailand Experience

Greetings! Welcome to The Thailand Experience! I am especially excited to start this blog series. I am naming it “The Thailand Experience”. This is going to be a many part series. Written by me and especially my (BFF, GF) Michelle. It will cover our initial thoughts in addition to the way through the trip. We will also blog about our progress of becoming “Travel Hackers”. Furthermore if you have never traveled abroad then you might not realize the amount of planning a trip like this consists of. It can be a lot of work and a lot of research. It can also be especially expensive. Here is a glimpse of the many topics we will take you through on our journey. Therefore we are attempting setting up the perfect and best economical trip to Thailand.


The Thailand Experience Agenda


Getting a passport
Finding the best priced travel arrangements
Purchasing essential Travel Accessories
Determining the best sleeping arrangements, hotel, AirBB, Hostel, Beach Hut
Reviewing restaurants
Reviewing activities – Surfing, volunteering at Elephant rescue
Getting vaccinations
Doing a security check on the area visiting
Researching cultural important topics
Preparing for translation
Preparing for money exchange


Thailand Experience Elephant Preserve

Thailand Elephant Preserve

So please join us on our journey. I promise it will very educational and especially entertaining!

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