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Google Pixel Buds are Destroying the Language Barriers on Your Vacations!

Google Pixel Buds language translation feature for traveling

Hello! This is very exciting! Google Pixel Buds language translation feature for traveling is one of the most important items you should purchase if you are planning on becoming a regular world traveler. You may be bilingual and know another language, but the Google Pixel Buds can help you translate 40 languages. I don’t know about you, but I will not be learning another language anytime soon, especially 40. I have had the opportunity to travel to close to 40 countries while in and out of the military, and I can definitely say that the language barrier was certainly a challenging and limiting factor in most of those experiences.

The new Google Pixel Buds are a set of Bluetooth earbuds that provide instant translation of 40 different languages through the use of a Pixel smartphone. I watched an on-stage demo of the Pixel Buds that were used to translate short phrases in an English and Swedish conversation powered with a Pixel 2 smartphone. The conversation was with Google Product Manager, Juston Payne and a Swedish girl named Isabelle Olsson. The conversation went like this:

“Hey Isabelle, how’s it going? (Swedish translation) Absolutely! Ok, thank you. What do you think of these cool headphones? (Swedish translation) My team designed them, so I think they’re pretty cool…”

It was like they had their very own personal translator, but he or she was amazingly invisible. Juston Payne backed this up when he later said “it was “like having a personal translator by your side.”

Google Pixel Buds Easy Operation

The way Pixel Buds work is quite simple. If you are traveling and you went to Italy or even just run into an Italian, Google Pixel Buds will definitely help you out. By holding down the right earbud, all you have to say is “Help me speak Italian”, and you will have the ability to do almost real-time translation between any of the 40 languages currently featured with Pixel Buds. Google is able to translate over 100 languages on the internet. They plan to continue the capabilities of the Google Pixel Buds.

In the past, I have seen other versions of near real-time translation programs and apps, but these worked quite slower and didn’t feature 40 languages. The real issue in the past, was that they relied on a good data connection, but this usually was an issue as being in a country abroad implied expensive roaming fees, so relying on your phone could wind up a pretty expensive bill after getting back from vacation.

The real positive side to Google Pixel Buds is that they are faster than previous versions and similar products from competitors and they also do not require a wire connected to your phone like many other systems since they feature Bluetooth technology. Additionally reduced roaming charges and no roaming charges in Europe and many American providers that give free data roaming to their clients in many countries abroad, the cost of using Google Pixel Buds will be totally free.

Google Pixel Buds Google Assistant

Another interesting feature called Google Assistant. The feature is their artificial intelligence (AI) service. All you have to do is talk to your Pixel Buds – not necessarily to your phone, although you can if you wish – and ask questions to get the answers and information you need as well as other help you might need. This is really practical because you won’t waste time trying to find your phone in your pocket, backpack purse or wherever you put your phone. Additionally, you might not be safe to be flashing your phone in some places due to safety issues or it simply might not be allowed since security guards might think you are trying to secretly take pictures or something, so Pixel Buds are really practical.

Google Pixel Buds Offer Color Choice

Google Pixel Buds are available in three colors: Clearly White, Just Black, and Kinda Blue. Since they are Bluetooth technology, they have their own charging case. They can last up to 24 hours on a single charge according to Google. Google Pixel Buds feature a wire that connects them and they wrap around your neck. This is very practical so you won’t lose them if they come out of your ear. Some competitor products don’t have this built-in feature and run the risk of losing one or even both sides.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds


Ordering Google Pixel Buds

Now, most of you are probably wondering when can you get your own set of Google Pixel Buds. The answer is a good one since you won’t have to wait any longer to get one. Google Pixel Buds will be available to the retail market. Google Pixel Buds are available and are priced at $159.

With this new product on the market and ever faster connection speeds. Google Pixel Buds could fundamentally and greatly change the way people communicate across the world. For now, we can say that they will definitely help you a lot when you are traveling abroad. They are practically the fastest AI near real-time translator system available. I am on the waiting list and can’t wait to get my own pair. Click here to signup to get on the Google Pixel Buds pre-order list.  ******* Get on best buy affiliate program.

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